Growing An Elder Culture

There is a terrible waste of human resources. The most experienced are being ignored, and as a result, our culture misses knowing a great deal about human life. To minimize this loss, and to restore our sense of perspective, this program is designed to promote learning and a long-vision.

Using learning techniques from a host of oral traditions we will discover what promotes, heals and binds together a culture where elders are seen, and see themselves, as valuable and essential contributors.

This is an opportunity for the voices of the elderly to be heard, for the wisdom that sometimes comes with age, to inform us all



Growing an Elder Culture relies upon intimate conversations that touch on the transformation, initiation, realization and embodiment of elderhood. We ask what experiences, of our lives, generate wisdom, and how can we share that wisdom with the world?

We are exploring the meaning of elderhood as something quite distinct from just getting old. How can our grief, loss, fear, spirituality, dreams, stories, intimacy, reduced speed, awareness of death and community connections nourish our lives and the life of the world?

Growing an Elder Culture features conversations, guests, interviews, readings, music, call-ins, updates of elder's events, and topics that are intended to explore and awaken elder wisdom. We see ourselves as explorers discovering a redefined role for elder awareness in a dark time. It seems to us that the maturity of our kind lies in the hearts and heads of the aged and our hope arises in giving ripening a voice.

Created by Lucky and Jeffrey Young of Coignite